Paige Lavoie

Paige Lavoie is a Halloween-loving cinnamon roll who writes stories about misfits, monsters, and falling in love. Her affection for cozy autumn moments, charming protagonists, and all things cute and creepy is reflected in the worlds she creates. 

Originally from Michigan Paige grew up in a haunted house in the suburbs, exploring historic cemeteries and filling her notebooks with ideas. In her teens, she began a long-running webcomic that turned into her first comic series Pumpkin Spiced. She's always been drawn to the "cutesy side of spooky" which you can see in her work on such titles as I'm In Love With Mothman and Our Own Little Underworld. 

Through the years Paige has encouraged fellow writers through "Motivational Minute" her former series with Writer's Atelier where she filmed over 100 episodes of mini pep talks for fellow creatives. With her YA titles, she loves speaking to young writers and teens at school visits and events such as Trinity Prep Author Fest. 

 As an Orlando Local, Paige loves exploring her city, and the city loves her back with Orlando Weekly naming her as a part of the Top 3 Local Authors for 2022. When Paige isn’t writing, she can be found hunting for treasures at the local antique mall and sipping oat milk lattes under a lacey parasol as she hides from the sun.

You can hear more about Paige in her own words in the interviews shared below.